Company Profile

    Green Leaf International Co., Ltd. in Thailand and Shui Fung Green Leaf Ltd. in Hong Kong engaged in fruit and food import and export industry for more than 30 years, mainly engaged in fresh fruit, frozen fruit, dried fruit, seafood and beverage.

    Our company performs modernized management system, fruit processing equipment and warehouse.  We established strong relationships with our clients. 

    The products are mainly export to Canada, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Chile, Australia, United States, Taiwan, Dubai and Iran.  We export more than five thousand tons of fresh fruit, frozen fruit and dried fruit all over the world every year.
Fresh products: longan, mangosteen, mango, young coconut, dragon fruit, pomelo, mango, lychee, pineapple, rambutan, snake fruit, Loangkoang, guava, rose apple, jack fruit, tamarind, salmon
Dried fruit products: dried longan, dried durian, dried mango, dried coconut, dried banana, dried mangosteen and dried Jack fruit.
Frozen products: frozen durian, frozen salmon, frozen abalone, frozen white shrimp and canned abalone
    The purpose of our business are "Integrity, diligence, perseverance, best quality" to strengthen our development.  We insist on high standards of customer service.

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